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In 2008, the USA housing market suffered a severe correction through which WestStone USA managed to maintain and become one of the top 25 residential home developers in Phoenix, Arizona.

After 2008, the marketplace there transformed itself to where dedicated rental buildings are now one of the biggest performers in many USA’s larger cities.  Noticing this trend, WestStone set about developing a division of sites and buildings for special purpose rental product.

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In Spring 2015, the Canadian National Newspaper, the Globe and Mail reported that this trend has also arrived in Canada where the skylines of Canadian cities, long defined by condominiums, are undergoing a quiet transformation as rental housing makes a comeback.  This market space is wide open after  nearly 40 years without any significant new investment. Now low interest rates have finally made rental construction cheaper, and with rents rising investors are investing in Surrey.

Having the experience and ability to construct rental product in two locations in two countries, WestStone is targeting providing professional rental buildings that can attract top class tenants and provide excellent returns for pension funds, insurance companies, real estate investment trusts and other large investors who seek safe assets with a stable cash flow.