Brian Regehr Weststone GroupBrian Regehr
President and Chief Executive Officer
The WestStone Group

Brian Regehr, as Founder, President and CEO, Brian applies his indepth knowledge and  experience in having built some of North America’s most progressive to conceive, evaluate and finesse projects. Each of WestStone’s projects meet and exceed it’s customer’s expectations. Known as being a visionary and applying trends to projects, Brian has established WestStone as an innovator of home and building design for each new generation. … read more



Robert Dominick Westston Group Robert Dominick
Vice President
The WestStone Group

Robert Dominick, as Vice President of the WestStone Group, applies his decades of visionary real estate experience to acquiring prime development sites and taking them through the various stages of development approvals.  He is renowned for only applying his efforts to areas where there is exceptional potential for success and return. …read more